The partnership consists of 6 schools where we have successfully cooperated. (Poland, Turkey, Romania, Spain, France) Our schools in changing world, in the new Age of education, identify imroving the quality of education as a need for the 21st century skills and competencies. Since partner schools are vocational high schools and general high schools, the future of our students and their employment have priority. We are passing from the industrial age to the information revolution. Some things are clearly changing. Can we ensure that all of our students become entrepreneurs, creative and artists without classifying whether they are successful or not? In these days when we talk about Industry 4.0, the contribution of experts and multidirectional individuals to the economy will be multi-faceted rather than workers with equal and standardized skills.

The goal of the project; For our teachers and students, it is necessary to create the school environments and the innovative environments required for the use of ICT where education can be done everywhere.

In this, teachers and students can be integrated into the course to recognize the tools of the ICT, by using new methods, providing to produce teaching materials. Rather than fearing technology, it is toteach how, where and why it should be used as a mean of learning. Boring school environments have a negative impact on teachers and students. Based on his fundamental problem, we have collaborated to develop techniques that will enable our students to learn permenantly and with fun.

Course environments, materials, planning, teacher and student education. In the new age, we have designed works that will enable students and teachers to look at innovative, creative and different perspectives.

The aim of our project is to increase the quality in our trainings.

- To enable teachers to learn how to improve their skills and to produce something new, ie with ICT tools;

- Support the provision and evaluation of core competencies.

The methodology used is designed to encourage the students to use their own technology and learn, encourage them to research and teach. Results of activities:

-To create an environment where they can express themselves better and produce;

- Develop digital literacy with digital portfolios to prepare;

- Ensure that innovative practices in education are addressed through supporting collaborative learning and critical thinking;

- eTwinning activities among the partners of the school, mainly involving teachers and students.

Finally, the European dimension of school education is expected to be strengthened.

To promote continuous international cooperation among schools, to contribute to the Professional development of staff and to encourage language learning and to increase intercultural awareness among students, teachers, staff and parents.




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