Saturday, 25.03.2017

Our wonderful trip started on the Okecie airport where we met our Polish footbal team. The boys have been going to Montenegro for a match. They happily took photos with us. It was the beginning of our adventure.

The first and last two days we spend in Bucharest. On Saturday we went to the old city to see old, beautiful tenement houses and the Chouchesco Palace. The palace is very big but we could see only few rooms. After that we went to an old restaurant where we ate delicious Romanian traditional food. On Sunday evening we went to our host families.

On (the second) Saturday we sayid goodbye to our host families and we went to the airport with Greek and French students. They flew to theirs countries but we went to the hotel and after that we went once again to visit the last places and old orthodox churches in Bucharest- last wonderful moments of our trip.


Monday, 27.03.2017


On Monday morning at school there was a welcoming meeting- all the teachers and students gathered there where the headmaster, deputy head and Romanian teachers said warm words opening the ceremony. Next we were given small gifts- caps with our project logo.


After that we wnet to the hall and the students presented a lovely show. We visited school, had lunch and finally we had free time. We went for a long walk and integrated with the group.

Tuesday 28.03.2017

On Tuesday we learnt three traditional Romanian dances. In the break we danced the polonaise with students from other schools. Next we ate a small snack and we introduced the teachers the final effect of our work. In the afternoon we went to the museum "Olteria Museum the Natural Sciences Deartment". We saw the exhibitions devoted to the nature, animals and the outer space there. We watched also a show in the planetarium. After touring we had a free time for ourselves which we spent with our new friends.


Wednesday, 29.03.2017


Wednesday was the day of integration. We all gathered in the classroom and played games. One of the tasks was to warmly chat with other people using the clock with other countries. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. After a great day spent together we all went out to the city.


Thursday, 30.03.2017


On Thursday a whole group went for a one-day long trip to Bran Castle, the house of Vlad Tepes and thento Brasov city, which is called Romanian Cracov. After six hours of going switchbacks when we could watch wonderful landscapes and special architecture of mountain areas of Romania we arrived to Bran. The castle was a beautiful house filled with decorated furniture made of dark wood. The frightening part of it was torture chamber which we could see only few places. After that we went to Brasov, the city which architecture was inspired by France and Netherlands. We walked down the old town and saw Black Church. It is called like this because of its dark colour caused by the fire. After that short walk we went back to the bus and returned to Craiova. It was unforgettable trip.


Friday, 31.03.2017


On Friday - the last day in Krajova, the teachers and students were cooking their traditional food.


The Polish team cooked bigos - a special type of cabbage cooked with tomato concentrate or tomatoes. Also we have baked Polish apple pie. After cooking all groups went to the canteen and tried theirs dishes. Meanwhile the local television came there and the journalist spoke with the students and teachers. Agnieszka was interviewed – she told the reporter her experience from staying in Romania.


After te meal Polish group started to play music from YouTube and dance with others students. Later Romanian teachers gave the students and teachers certificates of project mobility. After that all students spent the last hours with theirs families. In my opinion it was the most important day during the visit in Romania .


Sunday, 2.04.2017


Sunday was very long. In the morning, last shopping, buying souvenirs for friends and family. Back home, common experience of all situations, waiting for the plane. Time spent in the bus and the moment of parting ... Common time that no one will take it from us.




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